Five Tips for Night Driving Newbies

Congratulations on getting your license! You don’t need any more San Diego driving school. The world is your oyster and you have your car lead you to places you want to go almost anytime and anywhere. We’re pretty sure that one of the things you want to do is night driving. You’ve been longing to feel the cool breeze and see the night sky whilst navigating your way through the highway. This longingness has been pending for a while since you have been anxious about getting injured on these dark roads. You’ve also been hearing reports about road accidents happening at 9:00 PM to 4:00 AM. Counter your anxiety by being the most prepared driver you can be at night. Check out these night driving tips for newbies like you.

Tip 1- take care of your eyes

If good eyesight is needed in daytime driving, it is needed more in night time driving. The views are already not bright plus we are battling other factors like stress and tiredness. Therefore, us drivers are called upon to do eye check-up to. Also, eat food items that are known to be good for your eyes like your trusty green’s kale and spinach.

Another way of taking good care of your eyes before night time driving is avoiding medications that make you drowsy. In addition, avoid also heavy amounts of carbohydrates before you drive at night. These food items will more likely welcome you to bed, this is according to The National Sleep Foundation.

Tip 2- use technology for safety purposes

We’ve already seen news reports of crashes that were caused by driving while texting. Victims that fall to this predicament have abused technological wonders. While technology can be a blessing, it can also be a curse to us if we don’t use it properly. Let’s start using it right again for safety purposes.

There are three (3) known technological advancements that can help you with your night driving: smartphones; GPS navigation system; and infrared night vision. Your smartphone will be your aid in calling for help should you have an accident, a breakdown, or a tipsy moment. Next is your GPS navigation system. It will assist you get through an unfamiliar track should you get lost. Last is your infrared night vision. It will spot people, animals, and even obstacles (like a fallen tree) before it enters range of your car’s headlights. This feature can definitely provide you with added reaction time which is crucial in driving.

Tip 3- go slow all throughout your ride

Just like what you’ve been dreaming for quite some time, savor all the cold breeze and night sky slowly but surely. The road is yours. Take advantage of its serenity by doing it nice and slow. Going fast in this siren road ruins your chance to be one with the place while driving, worse, you can get yourself crashed. Also, get someone to accompany you and enjoy the peaceful drive. Engage in a conversation. This can also be your opportunity to ask for driving duties. Having someone in your drive lessens the chance of car crash, says National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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